Daser. BIO

In the late 1970ds and early 80ds I became fascinated with
watching trains and used to draw them all the time. In 1982 I saw a CBC Documentary on the South Bronx showing of course the subways. Doing my first graph piece in the spring of 83 spawned by the movie Dreams Don't Die, then Style Wars, and Beat Street, by the mid 1980ds I was completely taken over by Hip Hop.
Back then the inspiration came from taping radio mix shows, attempting graph (Spraycan Art) at the local bridges, buying records and trying to break like Rock Steady and the New York City Breakers. Living in Kingston made it very difficult, my only exposures To Hip Hop was through the media, no personal mentors or contacts.
In the mid 90ds Graph here in Canada finally broke loose and by that time I had hooked up with the TCM crew in Toronto. The last 10 or so years to follow were the most expansive and trying.
Now after more than 20 years time has manefested itself and It is a matter of heading into the future fast. With an arsonal of murals, paintings, sculptures, and photo images, for the next couple decades, I will be producing at an alarming rate so that I can inspire You!  

Medium(s): Acrylics, aerosol paints, pen & ink, records...

Influences: Italian futurism   Science fiction   Detroit techno   Hip Hop culture

Other Arts: DJ mixing

Date / Place of Birth: May 1970  Canada

Mentors: My Parents,  Ren & Kid C  TCM

Education: Life unfolding

Motivation: To break down barriers artistically, socially and to prove that it has not all been done !

Goals: to produce top level art respected world wide.

Past Exhibitions:
"416" Bamboo Club Queen St.W  Toronto 1995
"416" Bamboo Club Queen St.W  Toronto 1996
"Flexpo" Low Art Gallery 150 Simcoe St. Toronto 1996
"Under Pressure" Exhibition  Montreal 2000
"Flexpo 97" Low Art Gallery 150 Simco St. Toronto 1997
"Solo Exhibit" Delphic Clothing Store 706 Queen St.W      Toronto 2001
"Under 590" Art Guys 590 Bank St. Ottawa 2001
"Solo Exhibit" Organised Sound Music Bank St. Ottawa 2002
"Solo Exhibit" Wurm Gallery/Invisable Cinema Bank St. Ottawa 2002
"Solo Exhibit" Funf Clothing  Bank St. Ottawa 2002
"Group Showing" The Gallery Wall Bank St. 2002
"Beatz And Piecez" Carlton University  Ottawa 2002
"Under 590" Art Guys 590 Bank St. Ottawa 2002
"Beatz And Piecez" Babylon Club Bank St. Ottawa 2003
"Solo Show" Norml Clothing
"Beatz And Piecez" Babylon Club Bank St. Ottawa 2003
"Beatz And Piecez" Studio 4 135 Tecumseth  Toronto 2003
"Under Pressure" Exhibition  Montreal 2003
"H.Y.P.E.3 Them-Art" Art Gallery of Ontario 317 Dundas St.W  Toronto 2003
"Beatz And Piecez" Babylon Club Bank St. Ottawa 2003
"Union" Studio 4 135 Tecumseth Ave. Toronto 2004
"Daser Solo Show" Attic Clothing 203 Dalhousie St. Ottawa 2004
"Disorganised Art Exhibition" 590 Bank St. Ottawa 2004
"Unofficial Languages" Shift Gallery 688 Rihmond St. Toronto 2004
"3rd Them.Ca Xmas Art Show Tangerine 647 King St. W Toronto
"No Gimmicks" Solo Show Shanghai Restaurant Somerset St.W
Ottawa 2005
"World Beats and Eats" Solo Exhibition Mercury Lounge 56 Byward St. Ottawa 2005
"Them.ca" It's not a Deli Queen St.W  Toronto 2005  
"Continued Showing" La Patite Mort Gallery Cumberland St. Ottawa 2006

Practicing Since: 1983