Royal. BIO

"My given name is Juan C. but in Graffiti circles, I'm known as ROYAL...Art and the creative process have always been my everything. For a brief time in life, I joined a traveling "Circus" as GUS the Mouse with the DISNEY Corporation. This gave me a moment of clarity. My Everything is now truly Everything! Art saved my life!! Now I just gotta pay the landlord!!".

Medium(s): Paintings, stickerography & pastage

Influences: the little prince, mafalda, asterix, archie and my daily visual intake

Other Arts: photography, life drawing

Date / Place of Birth: 1968, Venezuela

Mentors: when I was a kid, I had lots of mentors. Now, there are few.    David Suzuki is one.

Education: mostly self taught

Motivation: My main motivation is to prove that an artist can pay bills and in this style I practice, to help reprogram the masses

Goals: short term,  I wish to invade european soil

Past Exhibitions:
wurm gallery/ottawa/2004
group show @ subv/montreal/sept.4th,2004

Practicing Since: 1986