Client-Artist Communications: Disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the artist and the client to mutually set the
specifications of the proposed project. For large multi-artist projects or
transactions we recommend that you contact

It is also recommended that you create a contract in collaboration with the artist that includes
some, if not all of the below features:

1. Payment schedule and method;
2. Cost per-edit/modification;
3. Deadlines: rough-draft checking dates & final product;
4. Specific client-job needs, and
5. Full names etc.

You can download a free contract template here for your use:

(92kb word doc)

(124 kb rich text)

We have decided to allow unrestricted contact between clients and  artists
to optimize communication, increase community contact and reduce costs for
the artists and clients.

By contacting, or being contacted by a THEM artist directly, outside of
using (and under the agreement of) a manager (one listed on the
directors page and holding a address) you release and all
parent or sub-organizations, directorship, staff or associates from any
further liability, responsibility and/or other ways in which business is
conducted between you the client and the respective artist(s).

However, if you have a problem that you feel cannot be resolved with the
artist, do not hesitate to contact so that the issue can be
brought to the attention of other them members in the community.


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